Tawfiq Masjid

Tawfiq Madrasah

Tawfiq Madrasah

Timings For Madrasah

Saturday & Sunday :

Morning 9-11:30 Afternoon 12-2:30

Tuesday & Thursday weekday classes 5-7:30

Ages 6-12.

9 morning classes. 9 Afternoon Classes

What’s Taught: Quran Hingaad & Islamic studies.
Students are taught Hingaad (Arabic Alphabet) and then progress to the Quran After
completing the Famous Baghdadi Book teaching them the rules of reading in the Arabic
language, students also learn how to write in Arabic whilst completing this book. Upon
completion the student takes an exam and after successfully passing they are now moved onto
Reading the Quran. Total class time is 5 hours within the week.

Days: Saturday & Sunday

Time: 9am-11:30pm Price: £35 per child


SPECIAL HIFDH CLASS: (Teacher:Sh Ahmed Xambali & Sh Muxidiin)

This is a class tailored specifically for younger boys focusing on memorisation of the Quran with a strong emphasis on revision. The students must have strong knowledge of the arabicalphabet and pronunciation to enter this class. Ages 6-13. Commitment levels for this class are much higher as they have come in for 4 days during the week, with the amount of hours
committed in the week totalling up to 16 hours.

Sat & Sun


Tues & Thurs


16 hours total including breaks Prices: £80 per child

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